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Mid Term Elections 2006

Does John T. Doolittle Support and Defend the Constitution?

Charlie Brown for Congress(11/03/2006): Or the Republican Party?

Having not heard from my congressional representative since the last election, I again find my mail box filled with negative attack ads against his opponent, currently Lt. Colonel Charlie Brown.

Of course, the full color attack ads are not directly from Doolittle, but from the National Republican Congressional Committee. Let's be frank, the ads insult my intelligence and contradict my belief of what it means to be an American.

Let's take the Patriot Act. In the NRCC literature, Charlie Brown is criticized for calling parts of the Patriot Act "as wrong as you can get..." There is no question that parts of the Patriot Act violate our Constitution's Fourth Amendment by authorizing our Government to secretly invade our homes in the middle of the night, without a search warrant.

Let's take the secret government wire taps. Charlie Brown is criticized again because he "is uncomfortable with the decision to do surveillance on Americans without obtaining warrants from the secret FISA court". While the NRCC claims to have their facts right, they seem to have missed the congressional committee meetings addressing the failed bill that authorized our government to listen to our phone calls without a warrant.

Our administration, backed by Republican leaders, believes the Fourth Amendment a nuisance. Why else would they continue to set up the straw man that those of us that grew up believing in the freedom our Constitution has provided us for over 200 years is a claim that we do not want to monitor the calls of terrorists? The terrorist surveillance program, as proposed, did authorize our government to monitor the calls of innocent American citizens without a warrant.

And finally, we have the Prisoner Detention Act which gives our government the authority to declare any American citizen an "enemy combatant" and the right to lock you up in prison and use "alternative procedures" to force a confession with no hope of legal counsel. This single legislative act renders 9 of the 10 acts of the Bill of Rights obsolete, null and void.

I am sorry, this is not the America I learned about in civics classes. It smells of Germany of the 1930s. The War on Terror is not about terrorists that hate our freedoms, it is about powerful elites that hate our freedoms because our freedoms limit their power.

Please vote for Charlie Brown.

Throw The Bums Out, Starting In Lake Tahoe

(09/03/2006): With the 2006 mid term elections drawing closer, it is easy to become frustrated. No matter how many times I rearrange the deck chairs along Republican and Democratic Party lines, I always get a disturbing result, a choice between two evils. A continuing Iraq war with a promise of ending illegal immigration (House remains Republican), or legalized illegal immigration and a promise to end the Iraq war (House turns Democratic).

So I was a bit pessimistic when I turned toward the net to learn about my choice in California's 4th Congressional District. I was a bit disappointed to hear that the pundits considered the 4th district as a safe or likely Republican seat, especially after learning that the current Representative, the Honorable John Doolittle is vulnerable on the corruption issue, seeking power for power's sake, with ties to Jack Abramoff. Representative Doolittle serves as the Deputy Whip, a position that tries to ensure that all Republican's vote as a block, irrespective of the views of their constituents.

So who is Charles Brown?

Charles D. Brown (born 1949) is a retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Colonel and Democratic candidate for Congress in the 2006 election for California's 4th congressional district.

Now here is somebody I can relate to! Grew up in the same neck of the woods as myself, and is a former life-long Republican (I can only claim the Reagan years) running on the Democratic ticket! Please, please, tell me more!

Charlie Brown for CongressOn issue after issue: Security, Ethical Leadership, Responsible government, Putting local communities first, Lobbying/Ethics Reform, National Security, IRAQ, Homeland Security, Fiscal Responsibility, Jobs/Economy, Retirement Security/Seniors, Healthcare, Veterans, Environment/Energy, Auburn Dam, Education, Immigration, Local Infrastructure, Abortion, 2nd Amendment, Gay Marriage, Stem Cell Research, or Capital Punishment, Charlie Brown offers up wholesome American virtues and leadership that is desperately needed and missing, on Capitol Hill.

It is time for a change. I would encourage all to learn more about Charlie and then help to elect him to California's 4th District.

Will the REAL Fascists Please Stand Up!

(09/01/2006): Earlier this week, United States Secretary of Defense Donald Henry Rumsfeld kicked off the Administration's 3rd public relations attempt to sell their continuing war plans in Iraq. This was preceded by a comment last week by President Bush reminding us that if you thought things were bad in Iraq, imagine the disaster that would occur if we were to leave Iraq (Vietnam Domino Theory). Thus begins Karl Christian Rove's political strategy to keep Republicans in control of both houses of Congress after the 2006 mid-term elections.

While it is very clear, that our reasons for being in Iraq have changed year by year, and in fact, the arguments have become circular, it is also clear that our Administration's belief in unitary executive theory would be severely hampered without the "fog of fear" that has characterized neo-con ambitions since the beginning. The most recent example was our Administration's reaction to the London airline bombing threat. Despite a 10 year knowledge of the possible threat from liquid explosives and a clear knowledge of the plot over a period of weeks, the American public was subjected to a knee jerk reaction that suddenly prohibited the carry on of all liquids, instilling fear and economic hardship and disruption to thousands.

And it would appear that I am not alone in my observations that a strong adherence to unitary executive theory promotes tyranny. Keith Olbermann, on MSNBC's Countdown, eloquently commented on the topic of fascism, when he rightly questions whether our government resembles that of Arthur Neville Chamberlain or Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill.

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