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Illegal Immigration I

The Comprehensive Plan to Nowhere

(05/16/2006): Thank you President Bush, for finally enumerating ALL the issues surrounding our illegal immigration population. Perhaps the day will come when you and your administration actually present to the American public - real choices. To state that the problem will take years to solve, yet claim we need to provide a path to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants, before securing our borders, is a false choice. To state that we cannot secure our border is more defeatism and shows a lack of leadership and a lack of confidence in the American people.

I am also pleased to hear that you believe that we need to hold employers of illegal immigrants accountable. Mr. President, have you Googled 'social security verification'? There are dozens of services available for businesses to use to verify a social security number including a free service provided by our own Social Security Administration. Why must we wait for a bio-metric card that does not yet exist? So, Mr. President, in your own words, since there are many easy ways to verify a social security number, there is no reason to delay enforcing our current laws against employing illegal immigrants.

Finally Mr. President, the American public would like to receive the same concern, courtesy and benefits afforded to legal citizens as to illegal immigrants. While I sympathize with the problems that characterize over half of the world's population, you cannot expect the American public to give up our well being and standard of living on behalf of helping the rest of the world. It is predicted that if the current Senate bill actually becomes law, that the population of the United States would grow by over 100 million people during the next 20 years. If this happens, there will no longer be a United States of America.

We have already been down the road of comprehensive reform (1986) and we have found that the road leads to nowhere.

The Great American... , er Mexican Boycott... , er Bust

(05/01/2005) With a 0.5% capitalization, what did they expect? 'Nuff said!

I Saw the Oddest Thing on CNN

(04/23/2006): CNN ran a documentary on Illegal Immigration, fairly depicted all sides of the conflict. I was struck by the unabashed lack of fear some of our new found friends from across the border had being filmed driving cars around our streets without valid drivers licenses. In one case, an arrest was documented, with the point of emphasis on the new found fear of police the illegal alien had gained. She complained bitterly about the fact that her hands hurt after being cuffed, even though no visible signs of bruising were apparent. Welcome to America!

And thank you CNN, for allowing us to again observe how folks whom ignore our laws by crossing our borders illegally, continue to ignore our laws after they arrive.

The Gangs of New York

(04/23/2006): For those of you that have seen this movie, you know that the movie depicts the great wave of Irish Immigrants into this county, culminating in the New York City riots of 1869. The riots were prompted by the conscription act which allowed for the first American draft. Our American government was depicted offering immediate U.S. citizenship to the Irish, as they stepped off of the boats. Many were then handed guns as they joined the army and were shipped south to fight in the American Civil War. New Irish born U.S. citizens were loaded onto boats as fast as the returning caskets could be unloaded.

What a novel concept! Perhaps we should allow history to repeat itself by setting up checkpoints across our southern border and offer up immediate citizenship to all emigrants willing to join the Army and the war on terrorism in Iraq. My guess is that the flow of illegal immigrants into this country from our southern border would dry up rather quickly!

Lying, the New American Virtue

(04/10/2006): I want to encourage the proponents of illegal immigration, to continue their march forward. The increased opportunity the American public has to hear alternate points of view, allows the American public to more quickly realize, illegal immigrant proponents have no real argument for their cause, and are acting in their own selfish self interests.

I have struggled to listen to the proponents, but I have listened. They just don't get it. Sure, their constituents would be better off in this country. When you ask, 'Will America be better off?', and attempt to have a meaningful dialogue on the issues, dialogue ends, and claims of racism and false claims of accomplishment begin.

It is clear that no proponent of illegal immigration has any clue as to how unchecked emigration into our country benefits our country. It is also clear that the demonstrations are allowing all Americans to come to a better understanding of this simple truth.

I find my sympathy diminishing day by day, as I discover that illegal immigrants and their proponents believe that lying is an acceptable American virtue.

An American Victory!

United We Stand(04/07/2006): The Senate defeated by a vote of 60 to 38, motions made by the minority party to cut off debate in the Senate, thereby presenting the great American middle class a victory over those whom are attempting to turn the great privilege of United States Citizenship into an entitlement for up to 30 million illegal immigrants. This defeat will allow debate to continue.

I continue to be bitterly disappointed with the performances of my two California Senators, Feinstein & Boxer. Their insistence that our farms be protected from the 21st century, while the remainder of Californians are not, is outrageous.

Mr. President, I suggest the absence of a Quorum

(04/06/2006): Having invested many, many hours watching my new friend C-SPAN, on the debate over Illegal Immigration & Border Security, I can unequivocally state, the most often heard phrase used to close a speech is, 'Mr. President, I suggest the absence of a Quorum.'

Yesterday, the Senate spent the majority of their floor time debating whether to debate amendments. The minority side believed they had the right to block further debate on the proposed measure, in part as revenge for past grievances, but mainly because they believed they had a bill which converted our immigration policy from the notion of a privilege, to a notion of an entitlement in the form of blanket amnesty.

Immigration is not an entitlement and I remain extremely disappointed in those organizations that continue to prey on our piety in their efforts, in particular, the Catholic Church.

So it is, rather than allow the legal citizens of the United States, to observe how the greatest deliberative body in the world, would come to a consensus on what is widely agreed to be one of the most important issues we face, the Senate retreated to the back rooms to cut a deal, apparently afraid of the verdict the American electorate might pass, in the form of votes come this fall, should debate be heard.

Nevada Senator Harry Reid argues 95% of illegal immigrants are criminals!

(04/04/2006): The Senate's second day of (the second week) debate on Illegal Immigration & Border Security ended on a contentious note as a group of liberal democrats tried to bar the Senate from voting on the first of 100 amendments to the Judiciary Committee's Chairman's Mark, now on the Senate floor. The Honorable United States Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona and the Honorable United States Senator John Cornyn of Texas introduced an amendment last Thursday that would prohibit illegal immigrants whom had been convicted of a felony, or three misdemeanors, or any illegal immigrant defying a court ordered deportation from participating in the proposed 10 step, 11 year program of amnesty contained in the Chairman's Mark legislation.

The amendment is strongly supported by the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, the Honorable United States Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania. Repeated attempts asking for unanimous consent to vote the amendment up or down were rejected by the Minority Leader Senator from Nevada.

Senator Reid objected to the amendment stating that if the amendment was passed, that 95% of all the illegal immigrants envisioned on a path to citizenship, would be prohibited from doing so. Senator Reid's claim remained, despite the assurances from several Judiciary Committee Senators, that the amendment was exactly as presented and in fact, whose language was identical to that passed in the 1986 Amnesty bill.

That is either a statement on the math competence of Senator Reid, or a failure in leadership, admitting that you believed 95% of the illegal immigrants that you purport to represent, would be eliminated from a path to U.S. Citizenship because they had been convicted of a felony, 3 misdemeanors, or were facing a court ordered deportation!

I find the liberal democratic view for humanity in critical conflict. Senator Reid seems desperate to obtain 100,000 illegal immigrants to build some 50,000 new hotel rooms in Sin City. Senator Feinstein of California, is focused on obtaining over 400,000 additional illegal immigrants per year to pick fruit and vegetables on California's farmlands. It seems that even illegal immigrants will not work on California's farms for long, so we need a fresh crop of new recruits every year.

Senators Kennedy and Kerry have stood up on the Senate floor arguing that a bill creating a surf class society of slavery called earned-citizenship, is a humane alternative to having illegal immigrants living in the shadows. Senator Kennedy argues that previous enforcement efforts have been a dismal failure, then proceeds to defend the Amnesty program's tough stance on border enforcement by offering up more money for more of the same. And the good Senator is having a great deal of trouble understanding the phrase 'getting in front of the line', which does not refer at all to the green card lineup, but to the fact that the illegals are already here. In fact, many illegal aliens are already in front of me, a U.S. citizen, for free health coverage.

I would like to congratulate Senator Specter. His superb leadership actually produced a bill from the Judiciary Committee to debate, under intense pressure. It is a good start to a very welcome debate on the illegal immigration and border security issues. I would also like to remind the Honorable Senator, that it is in the best interest of many American Citizens, including myself, that Senators not obfuscate our English language in the debate. Your constituents deserve a workable solution that does not demean or jeopardize current U.S. Citizens.

While I find the proposed 10 step program interesting, it may not be in line with what the American people want, or even, what the illegal immigrants want. Several of the steps seem unworkable or meaningless.

For example, the requirement that an employer advertise jobs prior to recruiting an immigrant. Senator Feinstein has already reported failure on this front. Advertising a bad job doesn't change the fact, it just increases the cost of the job.

Requiring an illegal immigrant to pay all back taxes is also problematic. To expect records of illegal earnings is unrealistic. How do you enforce this?

More important, is the notion that the promise of citizenship will bring illegal immigrants out of the shadows. It is clear that a majority of illegal Mexicans believe they have every right to cross our borders, despite our laws, and once here, it is clear that many believe they can claim our land as their own, a part of Mexico.

It is also clear, that many Americans object to the imposition of integrating with third world citizens. Kings Beach, California is an example. As more illegals move in, more Americans move out.

I clearly support the work of Senators Kyl and Cornyn and they are to be congratulated and commended for their hard work that has resulted in a realistic approach to our crisis. It is clear that any workable approach must include strong employer sanctions to 'degauss the magnet', the illusion of a shortage of unskilled labor.

Second, it is vitally important that we work to increase the standard of living for our neighbors to the south. It is clear that the Mexican government is unable or unwilling to work for the betterment of its people. It is also clear that the Mexican government is actively involved in exporting their poor and uneducated to the United States. Statements by Mexican Officials and demonstrations organized by Mexican support organizations cannot hide this fact from American Citizens.

Senators Kyl and Cornyn have proposed to implement 'circular emigration', a concept whereby foreign nationals are organized to dynamically address all the skilled or unskilled work requirements that we have, in exchange for training the participating nationals to export skills back to their own countries.

I am at a loss, as to why anyone professing to the betterment of all of humanity, would oppose this concept. It prevents the breakup of families, it prevents disturbance to the mix of our social fabric, and it is consistent with fundamental economic notions of comparative advantage. I would rather teach a country how to use its advantage of low cost labor to compete against us, than to try to import that low cost labor into a workforce of high priced labor to compete globally.

If your burden wasn't so large, I would also like to add that we proceed on a path that eliminates the need for large masses of unskilled labor pools. I wrote to my senator, Senator Feinstien, that I believe we should promote the mechanization of our farms, to turn those jobs that illegal immigrants won't perform for long, into jobs that Americans will do. I suspect, with all due respect to Senator Feinstien and her colleges, that had they shown as much concern for the outsourcing of American high tech jobs, as she is to the illegal immigrant cause for farmers, that more Americans would be having more babies, myself included.

Which leads us to contemplate, more intricate root causes. In this case, many Americans are starting to notice, the so called unintended consequences of the deference to capitalistic idiosyncrasies, and their impact on democracy. There is no more recent, nor more dramatic example, than that of the Dubai ports deal.

Recent Congressional testimony has confirmed, that American capital had exited the port management business due to the slow return on capital. Ports require business plans with long term deployment on capital. Labor is similar. Thus, capital, an American comparative advantage, exited a critical component of our infra-structure. Capital is also deserting labor, another critical American comparative advantage.

Labor a Capital Advantage?

The Honorable United States Senator Byron L. Dorgan of North Dakota, presented on Monday, the net results of income distribution in the United States over the last 20 years. His charts recorded over 150% gain for the top 1% of Americans, greater than a 50% gain for Americans in the top 20%, and less than 10% gain for ALL Americans in the bottom 80% of our economy.

May I thank the President for my time on the floor. Since my time is expired, let me quickly conclude that I believe capital has under estimated the true value of an 'advanced' labor force and if capital is unwilling to concede to American democratic values, the result will render more than a few spreadsheets meaningless.

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Last modified: January 16, 2007
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