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Illegal Immigration II

More Lies, Delusions and Demonstrations

(03/26/2006) Ever noticed how phrases in the Mexican language are grammatically constructed exactly opposite to the same phrases in English? For example, in English we would say that's a big river, in Spanish it would be 'river big' as in Rio Grande.

So it is with the chants of the thousands of illegal immigrants that are flooding some of our cities to demonstrate. Illegal immigrants would have you believe that they are here to help America. In point of fact, they are here to help themselves. Why else would these self-proclaimed saviors of our county waive Mexican flags while demonstrating in our cities?

Of course, it is perfectly understandable that illegal immigrants want to continue their free ride. The Center for Immigration Studies estimates that an illegal immigrant lacking a high school education will consume $80,000 more in our country's social services during their lifetime than they would pay into our system in the form of taxes. That number drops to approximately $35,000 for an illegal immigrant with a high school education.

Illegal immigration proponents would also have you believe that America has a severe shortage of unskilled labor, that there are no Americans to fill low-wage jobs that require relatively little education. The recently published study by the Center for Immigration Studies clearly disputes this claim using data from the Census Bureau which shows that in March 2005, the unemployed unskilled labor pool was 23 million strong.

The notion that this country is brimming with jobs that Americans won't do is delusional and contrary to the fundamental economic notion that nations barter and trade based on their comparative advantages. Many nations utilize their huge pools of low cost labor to gain comparative advantage, in the U.S. our comparative advantage is capital.

Recall the so called plight of the tomato and sugar farmers in the 1960's after the U.S. closed it's borders to Mexican emigrants. Then, as now, cries went out that these farmers could not survive. History proves that this was a false claim. Farmers, forced to make due without slave labor, were forced to deploy their capital to mechanize their farms. This had the benefit of turning what were clearly undesirable jobs into desirable jobs. While it is true that there are not as many tomato and sugar farmers today, it is also true that these farmers earn 40% more today after deploying our comparative advantage.

The notion of slave labor has a long history. Note that the Roman Empire was built with slave labor, and out of these atrocities humanity gained religion. Stalin's Russia was built with slave labor. Prior to our civil war, plantation owners in the south argued that they could not survive without slave labor. History is replete with otherwise intelligent people eager to take advantage of the less fortunate of the world, solely to elevate their own economic well being.

It is clear that America has no need for countless millions of unskilled illegal immigrants. What America needs is American business willing to compete on our comparative advantage, and to realize and nurture these advantages. American business cannot compete successfully over the long term if we try to emulate the conditions found in most of the rest of the world. If your business has trouble finding workers, then the answer is to make the work more desirable. If you believe that the answer is to import and deploy illegal immigrants to fill the positions, then it is clear, that your business does not deserve to survive.

There will be a price to pay for illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants are destroying our social fabric. Proponents of illegal immigration are finding that their spin is taking root, but not with Americans. Illegal immigrants are starting to realize that their place in American society is not much different than slavery.

"We construct your schools. We cook your food,'' rapper Jorge Ruiz said after performing at a Dallas rally that drew 1,500. ``We are the motor of this nation, but people don't see us. Blacks and whites, they had their revolution. They had their Martin Luther King. Now it is time for us.''

'When did you ever see a Mexican blow up the World Trade Center? Who do you think built the World Trade Center?'' said David Gonzalez, 22, who marched in Los Angeles with a sign that read, ``I'm in my homeland.'''

'Enough is enough of the xenophobic movement,'' said Norman Martinez, 63, who immigrated from Honduras as a child and marched in Los Angeles. ``They are picking on the weakest link in society, which has built this country.''

Really? Our country was built and made great by Mexicans? If this is true, then I am sure the illegal alien smuggling based in Lake Tahoe's Kings Beach is somehow required for the Mexican rebuilding plan on Lake Tahoe's north shore. Last summer, Joe Guzzardi reported on, that the Kings Beach population mix was 50% Hispanic. Several safe houses have been operating in the area, widely believed to be located on Rainbow and/or Salmon.

Current residents are moving out. Lack of adequate police protection, late night gang style yard parties and an over-abundance of litter have been cited by those whom have relocated, some with a long struggle to sell their property.

Why are Mexicans turning Lake Tahoe's Kings Beach into a slum?

Illegal immigrants and their proponents would be well advised not to mistake American generosity for foolishness. Many legal immigrants take great offense to having illegal immigrants take credit for what this country has accomplished. Proponents of illegal immigration have mislead their constituents into believing that the contributions of legal immigrants are those of illegal immigrants. This is an unacceptable rewrite of American history and demonstrates a clear fundamental misunderstanding of what it means to be an American.

Lies, delusions and demonstrations cannot and will not change the fact, that illegal immigration present clear and significant costs to America. It is irresponsible to promote the unchecked movement of emigrants into our country, countless millions of illegal immigrants within our borders is not a reasonable path toward the future growth and vitality of our Country. Rather, it is a sure path to the collapse of our society.

Illegal Immigration Misconceptions

Join FAIR today!

(01/18/2006) While many spoke up at their outrage over Sally Smith, one rebuttal caught my eye. In an effort to defend the entire Tahoe population, one person commended the local Hispanic population for their hard work, stating than many Hispanics held down 3 jobs. 3 JOBS?

This comment obviously begs the question as to why anyone would need to work three jobs. Could it be true that the wages paid for the hard work rendered, is insufficient to support even an illegal immigrant? And is it fair to those employers to have employees so exhausted that they are unable to perform at their best? Is it fair to the customer?

Some Tahoe business owners claim they could not survive without our pool of unskilled illegal immigrants. This practice implies that these business owners believe that their business is more important than our local school systems, our local medical facilities and our local law enforcement agencies. While paying Mexican wages for American jobs appears to be a winning combination for some, these businesses are actually hurting our economy by imposing addition costs born by other law abiding tax paying citizens and businesses, a degradation of our social fabric.

It is also clear, that many illegal immigrants work that 2nd or 3rd job, just so they can send that extra money back to Mexico, to the tune of $20 Billion per year. This is an obvious deterrent to our growth, as money is siphoned out of our economy rather than re-circulated from within. Yet, some still cling to the idea that our illegal immigrant population is here to help us!

Finally, someone in the Bush Administration has had the guts to speak the truth on this topic. Last Friday Tony Garza, our Ambassador to Mexico, issued a 5 page letter on Mexican-American cooperation and clearly stated that the Mexican Nation has no human right to migrate across our bounders in violation of our Country's laws.

In a five-page New Year's statement summarizing U.S.-Mexican cooperation, Garza (U.S. ambassador to Mexico)  rejected critics' comparisons of a proposed border fence extension to the Berlin Wall and dismissed the idea that illegal immigrants have a right to seek employment in other countries.

"There is no human right to enter another country in violation of its laws," Garza wrote. "Illegal immigration is a threat to our system of laws and an affront to the millions around the world, including in Mexico, who play by the rules in seeking to come to the United States." - Chicago Tribune 01-16-2006

Join FAIR today!

(12/13/2005) - While I have debated in my head on this issue for years, I have finally reached an outrage on this topic. Never has this country been subjected to the derogatory accusations such as have aired over the news channels during the last several days. Let's be clear. The best micro analogy to the situation is simple.

If my next door neighbor leaves his backdoor unlocked and I take the liberty of entering with the intent of personal gain, then get caught, would my neighbor then be a racist for claiming a law has been broken?

Yet this is exactly what the very vocal "open borders" advocates claim. Have you had a chance to see the news clips of illegal immigrants crossing the border as caught on surveillance cams? Why is it, that not a single illegal immigrant proudly crosses the border, waiving the stars and stripes, proclaiming that they are here to help?

Can we really be expected to believe the claim, that we could not survive, without this exploitable cheap mass labor? Make no mistake, that is exactly what this wave of humanity is. Less than half of all illegal immigrants finished high school, the numbers are smaller for advanced training in ANY marketable skill.

"el burro con carga"

And why is it, as a third generation legal immigrant, I feel demeaned when I see others fighting for rights here-to-fore reserved for the Citizens of the United States, claiming that newly arrived illegal immigrants deserve those rights that have been bought and paid for in blood by those who built this country? Is this not one of the few macro ideas that differentiates a Citizen of the United States from almost every other country of the world?

The "open borders" advocates would do well to incorporate in their spin, the fact that illegal immigrants are here for the money, period. Temporary workers do not leave. I would love to see a poll published that asked illegal immigrants, "Why are you here?". It is unlikely you will find strong inclinations toward even a recognition of patriotic acts or responsibilities.

And while I am on a roll, lets see a balanced report on the benefits. I love the way Lou Dobbs challenges any claim that the act of paying taxes on illegal wages provides a positive contribution to our economy when compared to the increased costs accrued from education, health care, wage depression, and crime. And let's not forget, many illegal immigrants work on a "cash" basis and do not pay into any social system.

Of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't add a few personal antidotes:) California is one of the top four states impacted by illegal immigration, e.g. undocumented workers. I have witnessed the morning gatherings of workers around street corners, waiting to be hired for the day. I have witnessed crews of these workers in construction projects, side by side professional crews. I have worked with some of these illegal immigrants in a local business. I have witnessed the work provided by these crews in my own homeowner's association. I have been victimized by crime by a previously deported "illegal immigrant".

My assessment is harsh. The work was substandard, and no cost saving were passed down to the end user. Is this the slavery the "open border" advocates speak?

During an interview with Lou Dobbs, Warren Buffet stated that the "Rich are winning". Illegal Immigration is one of the reasons why. For most corporations, labor is a significant expense, not often is it recognized that labor plays a dual role, contrary to the musings of some failed corporate leaders that claim human labor a commodity.

Fortunately this leaves most macro thinkers vulnerable to micro tactics. Witness that over two thirds of Americans disagree with the "open border" policies that have been political favorites. We now have bills in Congress and a President who no longer uses the bully pulpit to tell us stories of those that have endured unimaginable hardships to enter our country.

What should you do? That's up to you, a good start is to get the facts. Much of the political spin on this topic is myth. If you believe standing up for American Rights is racist, we will see you on the other side. Meanwhile I continue to urge vendors to remain ahead of the curve and be ready to prove that all your employees are in the United States legally. I might even go as far to recommend that you boycott any business employing illegal immigrants.

Then ponder whether the "American Dream" is the "New World Order".

More again when I get the itch. Thanks for reading.

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