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Illegal Immigration

Swift ICE Raid Called Unconstitutional

(12/16/2006): ICE agents culminated a felony identity theft conspiracy investigation earlier this week, descending upon several Swift meat packing plants in an effort to catch workers using stolen social security numbers. The raid was justified in part, because identify theft is considered to be a tool in the terrorist toolbox. Indeed, Michael Chertoff, Director of Homeland Security, had promised us that his department would investigate cases of corporate use of illegal aliens when the violation of our law involved more than just a few workers.

Reports had ICE targeting some 120 felony cases and executing arrests of some 1200 illegal aliens.

Response from the open borders crowd was just as swift. Many of our good undocumented friends justify their identify theft, it is their path toward employment. Sympathy aside, corporations like Swift, with their cost cutting business models, should know better. All too eager to pursue employment policies, as if someone left them the combination to the vault in the bank. None of them quite comprehend, or care, that the lives of the owners of those social security numbers can become extremely disruptive and expensive as a direct result of the theft.

Of course, expectations were far higher. Open border advocates would prefer that we prohibit arresting illegal aliens on all Mexican holidays like Dํa de Nuestra Se๑ora de Guadalupe, or if the alien has a child. And of course, illegal aliens have constitutional rights, just like in Mexico!

The constitutional claims were peculiar in light of recent legislation, namely the Patriot Act, the National Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004, the Military Commissions Act of 2006, and the John Warner National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007.

Don't these folks know we have abandoned our constitution for the War on Terror?

That Kellogg, Brown and Root has contracts to build detention centers for illegal immigrants?

That these laws do authorize our government to round up anyone anywhere in the name of the war on terror, the 1000 year war between Muslims, and the timeless war between good and evil.

If illegal immigrants want constitutional rights, they are going to have to fight for them, just like the rest of us.

Illegal Immigrants Object to "Illegal"

(10/26/2006): Last night during Lou Dobbs' town hall meeting in San Antonio, proponents of illegal immigration were quick to point out their objections to being called "illegal". After listening to the funny lady in a funny looking red hat deliver her propaganda (none of her claims supported by facts), I have come to the conclusion that the term "illegal immigration" is unjust.

The phrase should be "criminal immigration".

The term "illegal" stems from the fact, that criminal immigrants have no legal right to be here, and they know it, why else do they sneak across our borders? Semantically, the difference between the phrase "illegal immigrant" and "undocumented immigrant" is simply, an "undocumented immigrant" has yet to be caught.

It is the actions of these so called "undocumented immigrants", that deserves more scrutiny.

  • Millions of dollars of environmental damage caused to our Federal lands that is a direct result of "criminal immigrants" illegally crossing our borders, dropping their trash, abandoning vehicles, eroding trails and stream banks, causing fires; all in the name of their so called right to emigrate.
  • Over 40 hospitals have been forced to close in California, over 80 nationwide, all because criminal immigrants believe our emergency rooms are their primary health care facilities. These closures have eliminated heath care services to hundreds of thousands of legal citizens.
  • Degradation of California's education system, once ranked in the top half in the nation, now ranks near the bottom, all due to criminal immigration. Thus hundreds of thousands of children in California are denied a good education.
  • Wide spread identify theft via forged Social Security numbers and other documents, defined as a felony, and widely practiced by criminal immigrants.

If you or I or any other U.S. citizen committed these atrocities, we would be charged, prosecuted and thrown in jail and deservingly branded a criminal. Yet there are those that resort to claims of racism, object to being called "illegal", claim our land was stolen from them, and totally cling to obvious and willful disregard for our rules of law.

Please welcome our criminal immigrants to our "New World Order".

Mob Rule Scuttles Last Fox Address

(09/02/2006): Mexican legislature members aligned with the Democratic Revolutionary Party, or PRD seized control of the Mexican congressional chamber yesterday. The spectacle was broadcast live on Mexican TV channels and was available today, in the U.S. on C-SPAN.

The action was a protest against the recent narrow loss the PRD suffered in Mexico's Presidential election. There was no word whether some of the controversial Diebold voting machines were deployed, perhaps as a gift from the Bush administration.  In any event, President Fox was forced to give his last State of the Union address from the confines of his Presidential office. In the address, also on C-span, Fox declared that a democratic republic had been successfully formed in Mexico and went on to enumerate the many advantages of democracy to Mexico.

While Fox may have left Mexico a republic, a large segment of the population has failed to grasp the meaning or simply, completely disagrees. The event does provide useful insight to Americans as we prepare to once again have one of our traditional holidays punctuated by demonstrations for illegal immigrants from Mexico.

Will the REAL Racists Please Stand Up!

(08/29/2006): Since the failure of Congress to come to terms with the illegal immigration problem, many cities and towns have proposed new legislation to help ease the burden that millions of illegal aliens have imposed on them. Hazelton is experiencing shocks to their quiet peaceful existence; murder, drugs, and fear - brought to their town, by illegal aliens.

Hazelton, PA has enacted it's version of the Illegal Immigration Relief Act, which will require all business and contractors to prove that all under their employ are legal to work in the USA. In addition, any landlord who knowingly rents to any illegal alien will be fined $1000 per incident. (09/15/2006): The legislation has been amended and passed into law.

Frustration continues to build in thousands of towns and communities throughout the country. Many were disappointed when it was discovered, that the Senate failed to forward it's bill to the House. Seems the Senate forgot that they do not have the Constitutional authority to initiate a revenue generating bill. The Honorable Senator Spector, the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, would have been pleased, that the House would have effectively vetoed the bill, something Senator Spector has asked of the White House with respect to constitutional issues, rather than the signing statements issued by the executive branch.

Not a surprise, the news from Hazelton sparked a lot of interest and many have similar legislation modeling Hazelton's in the works. Perhaps you have seen news video of the demonstrations around several of these town halls. Once again, the opposition has focused on their perceived ill of racism and their support of Federalism.

It would seem that the act of actually submitting a valid S.S. card to obtain a job or housing, is a racist act! And, does a neglected federal power, e.g. immigration, remain federal, or fall to the confederacy?

The "Who's the racist?" question became more revealing when CNN cameras caught the taunts of the supporters of the illegal aliens, both in the act of crying "racist" and in the act of shouting a Mexican racist phrase, that describes "white boys", at the opposition! (Lou Dobbs, CNN, 08/28/2006).

For those who have spent some time in self-reflection, I am sure some of us have been hard on others whom exhibit traits we have struggled with throughout life. Racism is one such commonality we all share. I now smile whenever someone believes 'Joel' is pronounced 'hole' and acts offended when I state the true pronunciation.

Proponents of granting 'amnesty' to 20 to 30 million illegal immigrants in this country would do well to note that rallying behind cries of racism are not acceptable methods for civil disobedience in American history. Also fundamental to civil disobedience, is the willingness to be arrested for your protests, something illegal immigration supporters are unwilling to do as they hide behind the church (Chicago) and otherwise try to evade the rule of law.

We have long known that those whom cry 'racist' the loudest, are themselves, the racists.

The Great American Insult

Stop Illegal Immigration(05/26/2006): So when is amnesty not amnesty? Of course, whenever Senator McCain or Senator Kennedy tells us so. And they told us time and time again. What were the reasons? Illegals would pay a fine, illegals would pay back taxes, illegals would have to learn English, illegals would go to the back of the line and on and on and on.

Turns out none of the claims are true. That $2000 fine? Well maybe, if an illegal immigrant wants to convert their green card into citizenship some 5-10 years hence. Pay back taxes? No, not really. Illegal immigrants can choose which 3 of 5 years to pay, or rather choose which 3 of 5 years they wish to collect EITC refund checks of up to $4,400 per year. Learn English? No, not really. Illegal immigrants would have the right to choose which language our Government would be required to use. Back of the line? No, not really. There is no line, they are already here.

62 Senators stood in front of the American public and voted for the largest entitlement program in 35 years, with straight faces, confident that the American public was too stupid to understand the truth.

Secure Our Borders62 Senators stood in front of the American public and voted to turn all illegal immigrants into super privileged individuals, free from the rule of law.

62 Senators stood in front of the American public and voted to grant all temporary workers green cards guaranteeing permanent legal residence.

And as a final insult, Senator Spector added an amendment during the last hour, that would require that we consult with Mexico before building any of the proposed fences contained within the bill.

If I hear one more person claim that the bill is not amnesty, I'm going to hurl. Middle America is outraged and we have every right to be. For us, November's elections can not come soon enough.

K.I.S.S. Amnesty

(05/22/2006): We should all be thankful that our elected Senators are taking on the 'emotional' issue of illegal immigration. As more than one Senator has proclaimed, "This is very complicated". I wish to congratulate the Senate for a very informative debate.

I am especially thankful for those few Senators that have worked very hard to dig into the proposed bill, to see what makes it tick. It is very unlikely that many of our Senators have had a chance during their busy schedules, to begin to understand a bill so large, that a team of lawyers would need a year or more to fully comprehend it.

I am disappointed with those Senators that refuse to discuss the details, in the form of amendments, with disgust, waiving off debate as critical of their many, many long hours. One would assume, that with those long hours under their belts, they would have little trouble defending their recommendations. Instead, the American public is treated to arrogant diatribe, devoid of educational value.

While the Senate debate has shaped my perception of the various types and sizes of the trees in the forest, the debate has also revealed, there is little precious debate about the forest. I find some of the Senate debate offensive. More offensive than having millions of illegal immigrants demonstrating in our streets, waiving foreign flags, and chanting and singing in languages other than English. The focus on providing illegal immigrants with the many privileges afforded by the bill, to 'bring them out of the shadows", reduces the privilege rank of the average American citizen, by more than a notch or two.

The goal of proposing 'comprehensive legislation' for illegal immigrants has focused heavily on what is best for the illegal immigrants. The bar for becoming an American citizen has been so demeaned (come pick fruits and vegetables for 150 hours, pay 3 of 5 years of back taxes, etc.), that the plan appears more like an attempt to annex the whole of South America. The Senate's version of 'comprehensive reform', at it's heart, states to the rest of the world, "Come one, come all. Everyone is an American citizen!"

The Senate bill is not historic, except in numbers, and is fashioned in the same manner as the 1986 legislation. The apparent goal of 'comprehensive reform' is to create a program so large, that it cannot be enforced, thereby continuing the policy of open borders that has characterized the last 20 years of our history. This is unacceptable based on the sheer numbers of people who would emigrate to the United States.

The Senate may need to step back and review how other disciplines handle extremely large problems. The Senate has identified everyone's vision. It is time to carve out a small meaningful piece of the pie, a small piece that can be enforced, a small sign that the American people can actually expect our leaders to lead in meaningful policy decisions.

Keep It Simple Senate. The small piece everyone agrees on is workplace enforcement and border security. We can save much Senate time by enforcing (funding) the laws we already have on the books coupled with increased funding for border security. Few voters, come this fall, will vote for Congressional members whom answer the lack of enforcement, with more legislation.

Give 'em Enough Rope

(05/17/2006): While I am surprised that Senator Kennedy has yet to work himself into a stroke on the Senate floor, I am pleased to find him hard at work ensuring that illegal immigrants are not exploited. I am sure, when he is finished, that all illegal immigrants will be guaranteed the same wages and benefits as all Americans.

When this time comes, American business will no longer have an incentive to employ illegal immigrants, for there will be no more cheap labor! There will be no more jobs for illegal immigrants and at long last, we may see an end to waves of humanity illegally crossing our borders.

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