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New World Order

Bill Gates Has a Dream

(03/08/2007): The world's richest man, Bill Gates, testified before Congress yesterday and epitomized the view that only if Congress would allow unlimited numbers of visas to foreign engineers and software folks, that somehow all the world's problems would be solved and that the United States would automatically be set on the road to greatness. How does Bill know this? Just look at the contributions of Albert Einstein!

Mr. Gates also emphasized, that these jobs are high paying jobs, implying salaries of $100,000 or more per year, that Microsoft currently had 1000s of these jobs available and promised that if Congress modified our current Visa programs to accommodate his views, that the United States would see more miracle companies like Google.

Gate's referral to Google was prophetic. It is well known throughout the industry that Microsoft has lost some of its best talent to Google, and it has nothing to do with the work, its all about the money. Microsoft lost its sheen due to its size and the resulting impact on its stock performance. And it is also well known throughout the industry that recent college graduates do not command salaries anywhere near that $100,000 figure. In fact, recent grads in the computer engineering field from abroad command salaries more than $10,000 cheaper than their American counterparts. The drop in pay is significantly higher, if that foreign engineer remains in their home country.

And you need not travel far to see that this is true, just visit job postings on sites like DICE, you'll see plenty of advertisements for jobs that require expertise in every aspect of software design, expertise not attained through a college degree alone and those jobs pay around $55,000/year. It is ironic, that Gates and others lament the diminishing talent pool of engineers here at home, blaming the shortage on our educational systems at the high school level while completely ignoring the severe degradation of pay that the importation of hundreds of thousand of foreign engineers has produced.

Gates also implied, that somehow these foreign engineers are smarter that our local talent, a slap in the face, all to promote the idea that software engineering is a job that Americans can't do. No, this is all about supply and demand. While it is true that America lags behind the rest of the world in the sheer numbers of engineers produced, it is not true, that those foreign engineers are bigger, smarter, and better.

It is true, that they will work for far less money.

Can Democrats Stop the North American Union?

North American Union

(11/18/2006): They say 9/11 changed everything. I still remember that morning, switching on my television and getting my first glimpse of that black smoke curling out of a very large building. O.M.G., is that the World Trade Center?

It would be several years before I realized the significance of that black smoke.

I remember eagerly waiting for news that we had entered Afghanistan, to go after those evil perpetrators. Then, un-expectantly, we watched as Osama escaped through Tora Bora and the Bush administration turned it's focus toward Iraq.

While I had difficultly with the reasoning, I, with millions of other patriots, gave our President the benefit of the doubt, he was after all, the President.

Then the reasons fell apart, all of them. Along with this fallout some disturbing legislation came to pass, starting with the anthrax induced Patriot Act and a myriad of secret programs that traded our liberties for security. As the chasm between the words and actions of our administration widened, I began to wonder if all that wonderful stuff I learned about America as a child, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Pledge of Allegiance, etc, wasn't all a bunch of crap.

"Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’, because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual." - Thomas Jefferson

So it was. I began watching the History Channel and CSPAN, attending more congressional committee meetings than most of our elected Congressional members, and surfing the Internet for hours upon end, trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

"Habeas Corpus, 1789-2006"

The passage of the Military Commissions Act of 2006 was the final nail in the coffin, our government now has the authority to declare anyone an enemy combatant, to be locked up and the keys thrown away. I woke up the morning after, finally realizing, that the America I grew up in, no longer existed. If you believe, as some insist, that this type of criticism is left-wing propaganda, then I urge you to review the debate on the Senate floor regarding the MCA, in particular, the Specter amendment.

Many of the conclusions I have drawn are summarized in an excellent post by Dan Merica - 'The New Democratic Congress Must Demolish the "American Police State" that Bush Is Erecting'.

Is America waking up? Despite clear evidence that the 2006 Congressional elections were hacked, the Democrats are now in power with a mandate for changing the course. Only time will tell if the much needed Congressional oversight begins to take hold and we once again become the home of the land of the free, the home of the brave.

Bush, Cheney Continue The March Toward A New World Order

(09/28/2006): It's a common ritual for me, falling asleep watching our Congress in action late night on C-SPAN. C-SPAN live starts early on the west coast, even so, nothing wakes my slumber quite so quickly, as hearing the voice of the Honorable Senator Arlen Specter. Senator Specter has been instrumental in reminding Congress of their Constitutional oversight duties.

Earlier this year, we learned that the Bush administration's domestic wire tap and prisoner detention programs may not have been entirely legal. Interestingly, our administration finally admitted to the transgressions at the prodding of the Supreme Court. In a typical Roveian tradition, never to be bothered by legality or truth, the administration gave Republicans, facing stiff re-election races, a political stick to take home, to beat the drum of the war on terror, for the benefit of the American public.

The Bush administration sent two bills to congress, in essence, legalizing their activities and seeking retroactive legal protections for their past, and future actions.

The Senate Armed Services Committee had been hard at work since Hamdan, and successfully reported a bill out of committee, with bi-partisan support, well ahead of this week's scheduled congressional recess. After a meeting between the Administration and Senate Republican leaders over the weekend, the committee bill was essentially replaced by the Administration's bill and it was the modified committee bill that was the subject of debate today, on the Senate floor (S3930).

Debate was limited to four amendments. The first amendment, the Specter amendment, sought to strike out, the elimination of Habeas Corpus for all legal citizens of the U.S..

Commonly noted about the Bush Administration, is their continued quest for unitary executive authority and their current bill is no exception. At issue is whether Congress may pass a statute preempting a provision of the U.S. Constitution.

The United States Constitution, states, "The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it." (Article One, section nine).

While the political spin is that we need this new law to counter terrorism, the proposed solution over-reaches the problem, by granting more power to the executive branch, powers inconsistent with our Constitution, since the statute ignores the requirement of a constitutional amendment.

When the bill is signed and passes into law, 10s of millions of people now living in our country without the benefit of citizenship, could be subject to indefinite imprisonment, at the discretion of the President. In addition, the bill has been reported to redefine 'pilfering' so that illegal property occupancy and theft may also be declared as a form of an enemy combatant, in fact, the definition of an enemy combatant is at the President's discretion, regardless of citizenship.

The Specter amendment was defeated 48-51.

Our most senior Senator, the Honorable Senator Byrd, witness to the flow of political tides for 5 decades, introduced an amendment to sunset the bill 5 years hence. Senator Warner, the chairman of the armed services committee, offered up numerous straw men in opposition to the amendment, even though an identical provision in the Patriot Act failed to result in the perceived ills, that of giving terrorists a time table in which to act. Of course, the amendment failed.

In the world of scientific faith, it is often useful to defer taking exception, unless there is a discernable pattern of problems, or untruths. In terms of philosophical faith, there is a segment of our population that subscribes to authoritarian viewpoints, often times ignoring patterns of deception until it is too late. Their leaders are supported through thick and thin, regardless of the state of the real world.

WMD, aluminum tubing, and mushroom clouds are the first few of a very long list of untruths told to the American public over the years by our Administration. The situation has become so chronic, that Chris Matthews of MSNBC, has been actively asking his guests why, when Cheney has been so consistently wrong, why our Administration remains so unashamed about repeating the untruths, time and time again.

And now we have Bob Woodward's new book "State of Denial".

Let's be clear, ALL AMERICANS want to win the war on terror and we have been extremely patient with our current administration, giving our support and sacrificing our freedoms beyond any before seen in our history.

It is also clear, that if we dismantle our Constitution in the name of the war on terror, it matters little, whether we win or lose.

While it appears that S3930 will become law (the house passed a similar measure yesterday), the administration's wire tap program appears headed for defeat as California's Congresswoman Jane Harman, ranking member of the Intelligence Committee, managed to delay the passage  of the administration's wire tap bill in the House, just long enough to preclude a Senate vote.

History may record, that strong California Democratic leadership helped save our 4th amendment, for now.

We also got a chance to see and hear Congresswoman Heather Wilson, the author of HR5825. The Congresswoman reminded us that her bill was not crafted along our administration's policy, was written prior to the administration's bill and only seeks to facilitate the monitoring of the direct communications of our enemies.

I am sorry to note, that Wilson seems to have missed the committee meetings.

And while our administration firmly believes, that history will record, that our administration's illusions of grandeur will triumph, it is much more likely, that history will trace, the origins of the beginning of the fascist New World Order, which depends on the destruction of our Constitution, to our current Bush administration.

Internet Scrambles Domestic Wire Tap Definitions

(09/12/2006): Almost hidden this week by the political specter that was our fifth anniversary of 9/11, C-SPAN treated us to two subcommittee meetings held by the House Judiciary Committee on Terrorism chaired by California's Congressman Dan Lungren. Both hearings related to the legislation proposed by the Bush Administration (Wilson Bill, HR 5825).

The Honorable Senator Spector, the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, has also worked out a bill (Senate Bill 2453) with the Bush Administration. In fact, I enjoyed his enthusiasm for his deal with the White House, whenever the deal was questioned as 'trivial' in constitutional terms during his Judiciary committee meetings. Getting the President to agree to discuss the issue was, at the time, monumental.

Both bills seek to legalize the currently secret domestic wiretap programs. The legislation also seeks Congressional approval of the powers of unitary executive theory. e.g. that congress does not have the right to regulate the inherent powers of the executive branch, a decision best left to the Judicial branch of government.

Confusion over the jurisdiction of the many virtual domains that the Internet has created, - pose serious constitutional issues. That is, the Virtual Domains that legislation seeks to govern. While everyone agrees that our Administration has every right to monitor foreign to foreign communications, in fact we demand it, the technology which carries these communications, many times, is not located on foreign soil, but on the domestic soil of the U.S.A..

During the second hearing, Administration representative John Eisenbury repeated their earlier claims that the virtual locations of foreign to foreign phone calls, now located in sovereign physical space, subjects them to FISA and intolerable delays during times of war.

To cure this ill, the administration's legislation calls for broad authority to monitor the communications of any American citizen, if that citizen engages in communications with a foreign source and based on the sole judgment of the Administration, may be related to the war on terrorism.

Although administration officials continued to deny the committee any hint of the details of the wiretap program, stating that they only need to brief (without oversight) the Intelligence committees, it is clear that the NSA program involves capturing a complete slice of communications between two physical locations, one foreign, one domestic, and then applying their secret algorithms to the data. Individual American citizens are then assured of their 4th amendment rights through executive order 12333, commonly referred to as 'twelve triple three'.

Trust - I'm not sure I remember that word used in our Constitution, perhaps, maybe, 'In God We Trust'?

Does trust comprise our Constitution's definition of checks and balances?

And is not trust enhanced, through our rigorous system of checks and balances?

The legality of the domestic wiretap program certainly hinges on whether our 4th amendment protections are predicated on 'probable cause' as written, or whether our 4th amendment protections hinge on 'reasonable suspicion' as stated by Michael Hayden, our current CIA director, who seems to believe that owning a phone is a reason for suspicion.

Kate Martin, from the Center of National Security Studies, reminded the committee that 4th amendment protections require individual determinations. Thus, before NSA could run a blanket sweep of communications, they would first need to obtain FISA warrants for all American citizens caught up in the surveillance. This is the unspoken basis for the Administration's claim of intolerable delays during times of war.

Bruce Fein, Constitutional Law Attorney form Washington, DC, stressed that the affirmation of unitary executive theory contained in the proposed legislation effectively renders the bill null and void, since the executive branch could choose to completely ignore the bill if it deemed an encroachment on their authority.

With a vested interest in commerce over the Internet, I become a bit concerned when I routinely scour my log files for traffic data. Significant traffic to my Lake Tahoe websites are from foreign sources. Worse yet, are the logs from my mail servers, as the vast majority of SPAM sources are located overseas. How do I know? I trace SPAM for blacklisting, thus generating a domestic to foreign communications in response to a foreign to domestic communication.

Prior to the media leak of the domestic wire tap program, I did observe, that my trace routes were directed through facilities that were not of my primary ISP, to a domain name containing the letters 'defender'.

So Osama likes my website, or one of those Taliban creeps is trying to make some cash spamming my email server. Am I then subject to the enormous data gathering techniques of the NSA? Do I have a right to expect privacy with any of the data generated by legitimate business activities on the Internet?

The administration also claims that the minimization (decomposition) techniques in use, strip enough information from the communications records, so that individual American citizens cannot be identified, therefore the 4th amendment is inapplicable. Due to the highly secret nature of the program, it is impossible to determine the mathematical validity of this assertion, the absence of lossless joins. It is clear, that if the purpose of the program is to identify terrorists through domestic wiretaps, you must be able to identify the caller and would be prevented from eliminating the information as claimed, therefore the 4th amendment is in full force.

Will Americans live their freedoms? Or see their freedoms slowly leached away by what our Administration is declaring, is our goal of the 21st century, the never ending war on terror?

I wish to thank the committee for the informative hearing and I hope to continue to see a non-partisan effort to address the serious constitutional issues we face. I also sympathize with the committee, which has been asked to mark up a bill on a secret program that they are denied knowledge of, based on claims of national security.

Establishing serious oversight in the Congress is a critical component ensuring our security and freedom.

The NSA and the Fourth Amendment

(05/11/2006) The senate judiciary committee broke from their busy itinerary to discuss today's revelation that the NSA, with the help of AT&T, Verizon, and Bell South has tapped into call records of 10s of millions of US citizens. Of course, some indignant claims of damage to national security were heard despite the fact that the Electronic Frontier Foundation filed suit against AT&T last January 31, 2006.

The lawsuit also alleges that AT&T has given the government unfettered access to its over 300 terabyte "Daytona" database of caller information -- one of the largest databases in the world. To my disappointment, several Republican senators (Kyl, Cornyn, & Sessions) believe that the information contained in a database like "Daytona" is the equivalent of the information found on the outside of a postal envelope, therefore there are no claims to 4th Amendment protection.

If these databases are as benign as proponents claim, they why do proponents also claim that the Domestic Spying Program is one of this country's most important secrets?

Supporters of the "NSA Domestic Spying" program have long directed their spin patriotically, flatly demanding that American citizens give up their pre 9/11 notions of privacy, for the fight on terror. A notable part of this spin has served to provide the American public with the necessary distractions, buying time for the program.

Databases like "Daytona" contain much more data than call logs and billing information. They also contain data, that with the right technology, would allow the NSA to track the movements of American citizens in real time, and at a minimum, allow the NSA to reconstruct your movements throughout time.

A recent series of cases have reviewed whether the government has the right to track it's citizens, through the use of cell phones, without probable caused as defined in our 4th Amendment. Air Force Gen. Michael Hayden, President Bush's current nomination for the head of the CIA and one time head of the NSA, is on public record as believing that the 4th Amendment does not define the protection of our privacy in terms of probable cause, stating the bar is much, much lower... reasonable suspicion.

I would like to congratulate the Honorable United States Senator Arlen Specter for allowing the judiciary committee time to discuss this important issue which was best summed up by United States Senator Dianne Feinstein. Senator Feinstein has correctly pointed out that our government's actions and explanations are confusing and are not understandable interpretations of the protections provided by our 4th Amendment.

It is time to put to rest the notion that the only path to defeating terrorism is to give up the freedoms we have fought for, for so many years. This notion of defeatism is un-American, surrendering our freedoms to a gang of backward looking terrorists living in caves. Mr. President, America deserves better. Where is our leadership?

I will be looking forward to the testimony of AT&T, Verizon, Southern Bell and of the current and past AGs, and especially that of the confirmation of Air Force Gen. Michael Hayden whose current understanding of our 4th Amendment makes him unfit for the CIA chief.

Thank you once again, Senator Specter, for your superb leadership skills.

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