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Victory In Iraq

Condescending Rice

Surgin Rice01/15/2006: While I am sure many have seen the sound bytes, offered up by the media, of Dr. Rice during the last several days of congressional hearings, the full impact of Dr. Rice's testimony can only be digested after hours of review. Of course, C-SPAN continues to offer this programming, and of course, I have had the great pleasure of spending some time reviewing the hearings, more than once.

My initial impressions changed dramatically with time as what first appeared as credible testimony morphed into well practiced scripts all cleverly crafted to support her president's ideology. Victory in Iraq.

Cleverly, because any succinct review of the lectures, and lectures they were, results in very convincing talking points, well practiced over the years, to shine the light on our President's good and moral intentions.

And despite constant head shaking up and down, side to side, and despite very lengthy explanations designed either to limit the number of questions posed, or to offer up straw men with condescending lectures of history, sprinkled with a few unforeseen setbacks, stern reminders of language semantics like surge, escalation, augmentation, redeployment, toss in some menacing finger and hand waiving, a few proclamations of bravado, a few hushed chuckles, can you take more than eight hours of testimony?,... one thing was not said.

How Long? How Much?

I mean, how long and how much?

The 'New Way Forward' is a six month extension of 'Stay the Course'.

The twenty thousand troops is perhaps 5% of the total boot power required for the job, as defined by our new (Iraq) General David Petraeus. Petraeus wrote the War Department’s updated manual on counterinsurgency.

President Bush thinks we will all thank him in thirty years.

Lets see, $2 billion/week times 52 weeks times 30 years. $3,120 billion! The price tag for changing democracy in Iraq, the Mission Accomplished, to a Republic. Read “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.” - Benjamin Franklin

In 30 years, our security will be assured by middle eastern democracies, democracies that don't invade others, just like, um, us.

In 30 years we will have secured energy resources that will last for, well, about 30 years!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Iran and Syria.

And to drive the point home, today, President Bush made talking points of our need to kill, kill, kill, kill the bad guys and announced that any lawyer that messes around with the clients of GitMo, say, in an effort to provide the basic right of habeas corpus, should face economic repercussions.

The New Way Forward?

Dr. Rice did serve up one salient point, where's your plan? Certainly one other must exist? Certainly it involves eliminating the middle east as a strategic interest of the United States.

And Congress is attempting to ask this question, with 4 trillion reasons to do so, not to mention all that messy red stuff. We could, and should, ignore the child that cries to get attention, while they cry, and work to eliminate an unsustainable dependence on the middle east, you do remember, that oil addiction?

Dr. Rice, thank you for clarifying the notion that we are on a modern day crusade, a necessary battle to prevent the religious caliphate, complete with modern day urban warfare, and laced with moral piety. It has been a thousand years since the world last witnessed such a spectacle.

And no Dr. Rice, I don't need a PhD to see this, just a bit of imagination free of dogma. You and your President's vision is one of endless war, to ensure our security. It is little wonder that your administration denies a civil war exists in Iraq, for the admission would end your war powers authority granted by congress, war powers that were obtained by deception, and war powers that have been abused to deceive the American public to your true agenda.

I reject this vision. No alternative? Please, we could be well on our way to oil independence within 10 years, at considerable cost savings. Certainly it would help eliminate a major source of funding to terrorists, the black gold, at a cost savings of trillions of tax dollars. It's not quite as sexy as waging war, nor as news worthy, nor quite as bloody.

Imagine, just for a split second, our President calling us to greatness, to transform the United States to a 21st century economy, one free of fossil fuels, to challenge us all to greatness, to promote new technologies, to employ our people, to create the blueprint for societies for the next century, to create a new economic basis for exports, and to free our people from the threat stemming from Peak Oil.

Our President recently spoke of healing our wounds after the death of President Gerald Ford, relating that the decision to pardon President Nixon was an unpopular decision that led to the loss of an election for President Ford.

It was not the popularity of the decision that was note worthy, it was the healing of the wounds.

It is time we heal the wounds of 9/11.

Bush Serves Fried Rice

A Horse's Ass(01/11/2007): President Bush hit the ground running today, his first day of 'The New Way Forward', offering up Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and showing he is serious, taking his first steps, toward making good on his promise last night to stop Iranian intervention in Iraq by detaining six Iranians in Iraq and signing orders to extend the tours of duty of approx. 1800 marines.

The Senate feasted on fried Rice in a profound meeting as our Secretary of State demonstrated her uncanny skills and knowledge vs. a flurry, from Senator after Senator, all determined to begin to understand how our President's 'New Way Forward' differs from 'Stay The Course'.

Dr. Rice fought valiantly, but managed to win only one or two rounds with only two senators opting to stay out of the ring. While demonstrating that our administration has considered a comprehensive list of the various facets of Iraq, her explanations were all doomed for failure, as they proceeded from premises that the American public clearly rejected during the midterm elections. As Patrick Buchanan related last night, American Imperialism is at its end.

Media concerns also reacted to our President's speech last night with Chris Matthews of MSNBC actively questioning whether our President intends to invade Iran. Chris sniffed the fish out of Iraq, long before anyone else, and his nose is a twitching.

This time Chris has some company. The Honorable Senator Joseph R. Biden closed today's opening Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearings on Iraq with a stern warning, clearly sending our President the message, that Congress has not authorized incursions across Iranian borders and to do so, would risk a constitutional crisis with the Senate of the United States. Dr. Rice generously offered to honor the committee's request for a legal statement defining the administration's position.

It's a beautiful sight, watching our founding father's creation, our U.S. Constitution, demonstrate a seemingly timeless value, refusing to die, despite all the efforts some have made, to grind it to dust.

Jacked Up

(12/09/2006): If you are a dedicated fan of the NFL, you are probably familiar with ESPN's SportCenter programming and Chris Berman on Monday Night Countdown. One of my favorite segments of the programming is 'Jacked Up', a review of the top five bone jarring hits delivered during the previous week of play. Often times these hits knock the opponent backwards, off his feet, sometimes end over end, and always buried into the turf. One of my favorites was the #1 pick two weeks ago when the reigning world champion Pittsburgh Steeler's quarterback Ben Roethlisberger got Jacked Up during the Baltimore game.

If there is a political version of 'Jacked Up', then my vote for the best political 'Jacked Up' would go to President Bush. His meeting with the Iraq Study Group, which marked the group's formal presentation of their conclusions to the President, had the look of turf stuck in the helmet. The president, obviously shaken, constantly fumbled with the report, before bringing himself to hold the report upright for the cameras. I was reminded of President Clinton's Monica finger waiving episode of past years when our president shook the book at the cameras.

At last, we have an end to 'Stay the Course'. We can only hope that 'The Way Forward' is not another obfuscation for addressing the problems in Iraq.

President Bush got, JACKED UP!

Victory in Iraq

(12/02/2006): The sixty four billion dollar question, the capstone of the Bush administration, an elusive and ever changing goal, the reason the Democrats won the midterm elections. What is victory in Iraq?

According to Ambassador David M. Satterfield, victory in Iraq is the successful creation of a democratic and free state who is a partner in the war on terror. A powerful vision indeed. But can we really state with certainty, that a population willing to kill each other over whether their religious leaders must be descended from a religious bloodline, the fundamental difference between Sunni and Shiite, has the will to be democratic, to be free, or to be a partner in the war on terror?

Indeed, does not the Islamic faith dictate that their religious leaders are the sole source of truth and of law?

And what are we to think of our President when he states that the problems in Iraq can be solved with some gentle fine tuning of a well oiled machine, the proverbial engine oil change? What are we to think when our President refuses to call the conflict a civil war because he is afraid that the American public will become confused by comparing the conflict to our own civil war?

"I just want you to know that, when we talk about war, we're really talking about peace."
Bush, June 18, 2002

"War is Peace"
Big Brother in George Orwell's 1984

And has not our President made it clear, that when it comes to politics, that the truth is not to be trusted? And if so, how does our President expect us to believe anything that he states as true?

There is fundamental tool used in logic that has no place in politics, that of a proof by contradiction. This handy bit of reasoning allows us to determine an assertion (premise) false, if we can show that the assertion leads to an obvious contradiction. For example, we could show that the assertion that we needed to go to war in Iraq because of WMD is false because no proof of WMD existed. Or we could conclude that there is no real threat of terror here at home, for if there was, continuing a policy of open borders would not be possible.

So why won't our administration come clean with the real reasons we are in Iraq? If you take the time to investigate and apply proof by contradiction, you can uncover the truth, it is what is left over after you have eliminated the obfuscation. We are in Iraq for two reasons. The first reason is to establish super military bases in the middle east (like the emerald city, the green zone) and the second reason is to take control of Iraq's natural resources, primarily oil, the largest virgin oil fields known to man.

As a corollary, the immense funding, to the tune of $8 billion per month, provides an rich and ample source of funding for our Black Ops Projects.

Did you know that our oil elites were engaged in negotiations with the Taliban to build an gas pipeline across Afghanistan? It was after these negotiations failed that we invaded, using the pretext of 9/11, and propped up a new government which would allow the pipeline construction on terms demanded by the oil elites.

Do you remember Bush's political banter just prior to the midterm elections? Our president argued for our presence in Iraq stating that we could not allow Iraqi oil to fall into the hands of the terrorists, claiming that they would deny us of the oil, in an attempt to force the price of oil to $300-$400/barrel. This, despite the fact, that similar sized oil disruptions have failed to produce the perceived threat, the price of crude above $300-$400/barrel. Perhaps our President had the consequences of war with Iran on his mind.

And then there is David M. Satterfield's recent testimony in Congress, where he clearly stated that the signing of a new hydrocarbon law was considered a crucial milestone for the war in Iraq.

If it is crucial, that the best interests of our country require us to commandeer oil resources, say, for example, because of the problem of peak oil, then why won't our elites and our President tell us so?

Need I ask?

California's Representative Duncan Hunter in Election Denial

(11/16/2006): The lame duck Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee has been on the air waves as of late, claiming that the small percentage of voters that handed the complete control of congress to the Democrats, was not significant in terms of our Iraq policy. Chairman Hunter went on to state that we must continue on with the second stage of our 3 stage war policy in Iraq, citing a 60 year history of our government's involvement in standing up new governments, protecting them, and then leaving.

Well known plan? While Chairmen Hunter seems to know history, this is the first time I have heard any of our politicians claim that our overseas adventures over the last 60 years are part of a viable, proven strategy for disposing of governments we don't happen to like.

'Since World War II, U.S. rulers have played a crucial role in overthrowing reformist democratic governments or insurgent popular movements in Guatemala, Guyana, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Syria, Iran, Indonesia, Greece, Argentina, Haiti, Egypt, Peru, Congo, Portugal, Nicaragua, Jamaica, Venezuela, Bolivia, Mozambique, East Timor, the Fiji Islands, Grenada, Panama, and various other countries, at a cumulative cost of millions of lives. All this is a matter of public record yet seldom mentioned in mainstream discourse'. - Strange Liberators

And of course, the resulting "blowback" that occurs as a direct result of our good intentioned interventions, is described to the faithful as examples of how the enemy is and has been at war with us for decades.

Indeed, prior to the election President Bush was out bashing the Democrats, demanding that they reveal their Iraq plans. Meanwhile ex-Senator Conrad Burns was on the campaign trail stating that he could not reveal our administration's plan, because it was a secret!

Apparently the implications of the results of our election were not lost on all of our leaders. Yesterday's Armed Services Committee meetings seemed proof of that. The Honorable Senator Lindsey Graham demonstrated his unique interrogation techniques in a memorable line of questioning truly worthy of a JAG officer.

(Graham) How many al-Qaeda in Irag? (Hayden) Approx. 1500, the bulk of the foreign fighters in Iraq. (Graham) How many insurgents in Iraq? (Hayden) In the low 5 figures. (Graham) What is the population of Iraq? (Hayden) Around 25 million. (Graham) How many Iranians in Iraq? (Hayden) I'll be happy to answer that in closed session.

Then the bombshell. (Graham) Is not the war in Iraq the centerpiece of our war on terror?

While Senator Graham does not support troop withdrawal from Iraq, I applaud the Senator for asking why we are not acting like Iraq is our centerpiece for the war on terror. In fact, when pressed, General John P. Abizaid, USA, David M. Satterfield, Lieutenant General Michael D. Maples, USA, and General Michael V. Hayden, USAF all rejected calls for increasing troop levels in Iraq.

So what do you have when our administration is unwilling to do what it takes to win? What do you have when we spend over one billion dollars of borrowed money per week to chase 1500 al-Qaeda?

Certainly not a centerpiece for the war on terror. And while Senator Graham criticizes the strength of conviction of those against the war in Iraq, it is indeed the lack of strength of conviction that has lead to years of war, years that have failed to eliminate a few thousand so called al-Qaeda wanna be's.

Victory in Iraq • New World OrderIllegal ImmigrationIllegal Immigration IIllegal Immigration IIFree Market Price of Gas9/11 Conspiracy NutsThe Great Conspiracy - 1The Great Conspiracy - 2Mid Term Elections 2006Natural DisastersDear Mr. PresidentThe Religion of PeaceAdware/Spyware, the Bad GuysLake Tahoe Coal

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